Oak Park in CyberSpace

Welcome to the Oak Park Tourist, providing Oak Park's homepage on the Web since April 16, 1995. The Web has exploded into a cultural phenomenon spread across the business pages, the magazines racks, and Booksellers - all part of the multi-media phenomenon. The ease of use, the true multimedia features and the extraordinary amount of information and entertainment available seem to explain it - but also, maybe it's just the next decent use for PC's after email, word processing and balancing the checkbook!

You can take a Roller Blading Picture Tour, or walk through the Frank Lloyd Wright district, find a Hotel or Inn for the night, plan your meal at one of the many favorite restaurants, or locate a world of web educational resources, or get involved with the multitude of organizations and their activites.

The Oak Park Tourist  endeavors to present the community in all its aspects, which make it such a unique and interesting place to visit and to live.

The Oak Park Tourist  cover page currently averages about 2 thousand accesses per week and the entire web site currently averages approximately 17,000 requests per day!