Downtown Oak Park Shopping Center U. S. Post Office (White & Weber) First United Episcople Church Unity Temple  (Frank Lloyd Wright) Oak Park Public Library (Holabird & Root) War Memorial Statue Horse Show Fountain (Frank Lloyd Wright) James W. Scoville Building (Eben E. Roberts) Scoville Block (Eben E. Roberts) The Write Inn Hemingway Museum Hemingway Birthplace House James Hall Taylor House (George W. Maher) Charles E. Roberts House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Charles Robert Stable (Frank Lloyd Wright) Edward W. McCready House (Robert C. Spencer, Jr.) Cheney Mansion George W. Furbeck House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Henry P. Magill House (Eben E. Roberts) Tasty Dog Pilgrim Congregational Church (Patton & Fisher) OPRF High School (Robert C. Spencer & Eben E. Roberts) Rollin Furbeck House (Frank Lloyd Wright) William G. Fricke House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Dale Bumstead House (Tallmadge & Watson) Edwin H.Cheney House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Harry C. Goodrich House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Bootleg-style House William E. Martin House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Harry S. Adams House (Frank Lloyd Wright) 19th Century House Robert N. Erskine House (John S. Van Bergen) Stucco House William H. Watt House (John S. Van Bergen) Taylor Park Playground Playing Field in Taylor Park Starship House Autumn Arboreal Splendor Tree on Fire St. Giles Catholic Church Maurice the Mascot House Last Weeping Willow Turret House Southwest Corner of Lindberg Park South Playing Field of Lindberg Park Mann Elementary Public School Tyson the Terrific House Oscar C. Balch House (Frank Lloyd Wright) Hemingway Boyhood House Frank Lloyd Wright Area Oak Park Visitors Center
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