Charles E. Roberts - Stable House (1896)
317 North Euclid Avenue

View looking west from Euclid Avenue
At the rear of the lot on which the main Roberts House sits, was a dwelling built or remodeled by Wright about 1896 as the Roberts Stable. This structure was moved in 1929 to its present location beside the main house by Roberts' son-in-law, the noted architect Charles E. White Jr., who remodeled it into a residence.

View from Euclid Avenue in Summer
The Roberts Stable House is best viewed from the street in winter or early spring, as the lush trees and bushes obscure the house, as seen at left.

The above commentary was excerpted from Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright & Prarire School Architecture in Oak Park by Paul E. Sprague (published 1986). The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust Book Catalog offers a selection of guidebooks which can be ordered online. --
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